September 25, 2023
Brizz Aviour
Brizz Aviour
Michael Saviour Oryiman also known as Brizz Aviour or Brizz for short is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and aspiring record producer. Brizz’s blend of Afrobeats is fused with elements of R&B, Global Pop Music, and Trap Music, in what he terms AfroSwing. Brizz, who is signed to MMAC Entertainment, recently released his first E.P. titled Vanity Is Perception, or VIP for short, and was elated when he was invited to grace the stage at the second edition of the Humour Awards earlier in January.
Brizz put on a whole show at the Awards ceremony as he performed his two top singles from the E.P. The performance opened with a soulful rendition of his lead single, “Why Like This?” The second song of the performance VIP was a total flip with high-energy dancers that started the party.
The song “Why Like This?” is currently enjoying some buzz on social media and has acquired over 100k views on YouTube, where it is now trending.  watch here

See the Full Performance Video Here Below!!!

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