April 12, 2024
Lele Latrice X Don Crucifixto Collaboration, Super Woman Set For Release

Lele Latrice X Don Crucifixto Collaboration, Super Woman Set For Release

What’s better than an entertainment honcho coming together with a goddess, singer, and songwriter to make an irresistible force? Don Crucifixto with Lele Latrice have created magic on the track, ‘Super Woman’ set for release September 2nd, 2022.

The finishing of yet another single collaboration by Don Crucifixto amounts to countless successful endeavors in his pursuit in the entertainment industry as the list goes on from movie production to talent management, impactful events, talk of the town parties, empowerment, and even charity all over Africa.

Lele Latrice, an accomplished dancer, choreographer, singer, all-around entertainer, and top of it all, a mother expressed what she’s made of on this new joint. The message on ‘Super Woman’ couldn’t have been best delivered by anyone else but this uber-talented woman.

This super talented duo has made a duet for all seasons with no compulsory manual of how to enjoy it other than setting one’s mind free and flowing with the sonorous rhythm. It is never enough to tell a woman she is beautifully made but this track will do justice for as often this fact needs to be affirmed. Super Woman by Lele Latrice and Don Crucifixto joins the tireless catalog of anthems made for women all over the world to take pride in their fantastic being.

Super Woman comes out September 2nd, PRE SAVE HERE

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